Active Wear inspiration

I've been living in active wear recently. One of the many things that I love about Sydney is that I it's totally acceptable to walk around in workout clothes, no matter your destination or time of the day. My gym is right next to my uni, so it makes sense to go there in workout clothes sometimes. That's what I tell myself, at least. At any rate, there are so many amazing new labels that I've discovered, and so many more I have yet to try. So here's a wishlist of the most amazing workout clothes I've stumbled upon. Maybe it gives you some motivation to work out (anyone else has so much more motivation in a cool gym outfit that makes you feel confident?). Or at least to shop. Here are my favorites:


This design is everything I love: minimalistic, elegant, yet unique. I'm absolutely in love with those tights. This label was founded by Brazilian, L.A.-based designer Ilana Kugel who says she is inspired by the colors and diversity of her hometown Rio de Janeiro. Yet another reason to visit this place. You can find a great overview of Koral products here.


I'm literally obsessed with the functional tops by LNDR. I feel like you could run the world wearing one. The brand is based in Shoreditch, London and they're on a mission to blur the line between casual everyday and technical active wear. I'm sold. Check out their pieces here


How cute are those pieces by Alo Yoga? I think these could even go together as an outfit. I'd so wear that together for a casual day. Love the simplicity of the look.


Absolutely love those basics by Beyond Yoga. They can literally be worn as basics in everyday life, as well as for yoga classes. The kind of clothes it is totally acceptable to invest in.

I hope I could give you some active wear inspo lovelies. 

xx Elena ♡